Text to Switch

From June 25th UK mobile phone customers can switch mobile phone provider by text message. Switch to a new provider and find a new contract mobile phone or SIM plan here.

Mobile phone with PAC code text message being sent.

What is Text to Switch?

Text to switch means you can switch mobile phone network without having to speak to your current network and face unwanted attempts to persuade you to stay.

When is Text to Switch available from?

Text to Switch becomes a legal requirement from 1st July 2019, however it became available from 25th June 2019.

How does Text to Switch work?

Answer the six simple questions to see your switching options then follow the easy instructions on what number to text.

Who is eligible to Text to Switch?

You can Text to Switch from these eligible types of mobile phone plan:

  • A pay monthly mobile phone
  • A pay as you go mobile phone
  • A pay monthly SIM plan
  • A pay as you go SIM plan

If you are in a minimum term contract - usually 24 months in the UK - you will need to pay an early termination charge.

Who is NOT eligible to Text to Switch?

If you have multiple numbers on your network account, you will need visit your online account or call your current network.

How long does it take to switch?

The Text to Switch service takes 60 seconds to get your Port Authorisation Code (PAC). Your mobile phone number will switch within one working day after your new mobile phone or SIM plan is activated. Working days are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and exclude bank holidays.

How much does Text to Switch cost?

It is free to send the text message. If you are still in a minimum term contract you will need to pay an Early Termination Fee that varies depending on how long is remaining on the contract. If you are on pay as you go, any remaining credit will be lost when the switch is complete.

Can I switch to a SIM only plan?

Yes, you can switch both to and from SIM only plans. Simply follow the process above and choose SIM only plans when asked.

Can I switch if I am on pay as you go (PAYG)?

Yes, you can switch from a pay as you go plan to a new mobile phone or SIM only plan. Remember to use any credit you have left as you will lose it when the switch is complete.

Can I switch a number on a business account?

The process is the same with the only difference being that the network can take up to two workings days to respond with your PAC (port authorisation code). Smooth Switch will be offering business account offers in the future.